Piggybacking on recent career post

I was inspired when I saw the recent career question posted...I quit my virtual job several years ago. It was part time, but regularly required 30-40 hrs...very much a typical nonprofit job. Plus, at the time, it didn't pay enough for me to feel like I could afford good/stable part-time childcare. But then I started looking for something like it last year and haven't found anything. I'm discouraged that there aren't more higher level/part-time/virtual jobs listed, and am wondering if I'm looking in the wrong places. I feel like such a cliche--the mom who quit her job and can't get back into the workforce. If you have any advice about where to look for a part-time communications/virtual job, I'd appreciate it! Gig work could be great, but the projects I've seen listed on well-known gig websites are so low paid and competitive...I'm not a fan. Have you been through something like this--how did you get through it? Is it really just about who you know now? I feel like wanting to get paid at least $25/hr isn't unreasonable...especially since I'm pretty experienced at this point. But part-time jobs still seem to be running around $15-18/hr...which was roughly the rate nearly 20 years ago when I was just out of college. I've become increasingly down hearted about the search...any supportive advice is welcome. Sorry for rambling!

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