Piedmont HS or Dougherty Valley HS?

Hello BPN,

We are returning to the US this summer after 8 years in expat stints and will be new to the Bay Area. Excited about this great online community!

Would appreciate your insights about high schools- we are going back and forth between Piedmont High and Dougherty Valley High. Both appear to have different strengths. One concern is enrollment ease as I understand simply moving into a school district  does not guarantee that your kids will end up in the school or your choice. Any input there?

Particularly asking about high school for my daughter who will be a junior next year and has been in IB schools- new to US high school course selection, APs, social life. She is academically minded and likes to balance this out with theater and some sports. Where would she get good counseling for the transition and for college? What about curricular and co curricular balance at Piedmont versus Dougherty Valley?

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and look forward to wise counsel! 

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