Parenting groups for toddler moms?

Does anyone know of any parenting support/social groups for mothers of toddlers? I only see options for parents of newborns, which makes sense, but we're new to the area and I'd love to connect with the community. I live in Berkeley and am looking for in-person meetups nearby.

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It's not a parenting group, but depending upon your location, the late afternoon and Saturday mornings toddler playgroups at MCPC in Montclair might be useful. 

I met a good friend there 11 years ago. Here's a link to info:

Depending on the age of your child, and flexibility of your schedule, you might want to look at

Good luck, and Happy New Year.

Hi I am interested in this as well! Following.

Great question! I'm interested in the same thing. Also new to the Bay Area.

Hi! I host a meetup at Arlington park 2x a month, the BEAR Moms Group (Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond). The purpose of the group is for moms to enjoy social connections. Moms can come late, leave early, bring a partner or family member, or be with or without their child. Kids in attendance range from babies to toddlers; my daughter is 2 and there are a few other 2-3 year olds who attend. Please message me and I'll fill you in with more details! 

I have a 2.5 yo son and found myself in the same situation. I'm trying to get a Wednesday morning toddler/parent meet up group going in Blake Garden in Kensington on Wednesday mornings.

The next meet up will be next Wednesday the 11th. I send out an e-mail on Tuesdays - let me know if you'd like to be included and I can add you to our list. That goes for any other interested parents as well!