Parental Alienation Therapist

I'm looking for a therapist specializing in working with children who are experiencing attachment based parental alienation (AB-PA). We have a 10 year old who is experiencing ongoing trauma with the actions and talk of one of his parents, targeting his other parent. In addition to impacting his relationship with the target parent, he also has behavior problems at school and home (which pop up primarily before visiting the alienating parent), low self worth, some experimentation with self harm, and past suicidal ideation.

We've tried several years of traditional therapy, which was not successful. We were told that he couldn't make any more progress without the involvement of the alienating parent, who of course refused to participate in therapy. We're looking for someone who specifically is knowledgeable on AB-PA, who can help with deprogramming, building his self worth, strengthening his relationship with the target parent, and possibly help us figure out if we need to pursue any legal modifications to custody to protect him.

We can travel in the bay area as necessary to work with the right person, and know we're unlikely to find someone covered by our insurance, so all suggestions are welcome. I know professionals cannot recommend themselves on BPN, but I would appreciate private messages from professionals if this is your area of expertise. Thanks!

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