Out of the Country Cosmetic Surgery

Hi everyone! 

I am seeking advice, recommendations and experiences about traveling out of the state for plastic surgery. I am interested in a tummy tuck and replacement of 10 yr old saline implants (I don't have any issues, but feel it might be best to do it all at once). I have been quoted at $23,000 with my previous surgeon, and I cannot afford THAT! A tummy tuck alone with him is $11,500.

Have you or anyone you know traveled outside of the US for cosmetic surgery? Where and who was the Doctor? Do you have feedback? Cost?

I did travel to Mexico in October to meet a surgeon who I ended up loving. He is a certified plastic surgeon and his work is amazing. He quoted me at $7000 for a tummy tuck, high definition 360 lipo, and implant replacement, this also includes a one night stay at the hospital (I am only interested in surgeons who perform in Hospitals). I will have to pay for medicine and labs. I realize that once it is all said and done, it will be about 10K However, I am in no rush to have this procedure, I just want to be in the best of hands. 

Thank you all! 

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