Orinda Academy vs Orion Academy for mild hfa


I am wondering if anyone with a child with mild hfa looked at both Orinda and Orion when deciding on a high school and which you ended up choosing and why? We are finding it difficult during this time of Covid to get a sense of the schools that we would like. I’ve spoken with the director of Orinda who seems lovely and spoken with parents at both, which has been helpful, but none who seemed to have a sense of both schools. My son is bright but can get easily overwhelmed by large classes, and much of a workload. Although he struggles socially he does have a few neurotypical friends- the quirky kids who love talking about video games as much as he does. My son likes the sound of the classes at Orion  (dog classes, forensics, Latin, etc) which is great as he also struggles with attention especially on subjects that are uninteresting to him but I worry that Orion is such a restrictive environment with no neurotypical peers, and worry he won’t get much of a typical high school experience. However at Orinda I worry about my son’s current habit of using the computer often for ‘recreational use’ instead of classes, homework, etc, and Orion seems to have specific programs to prevent this. Anyone that was faced with the same decision?


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