Online learning as an alternative to public school

I'd like to hear some honest negative and positive experiences in teens doing on line learning. My daughter did it for one summer for an Algebra class which was ok, but with this school disruption due to the Covid-19 virus, we are now thinking it might not be a bad idea to look into it to cover core and critical classes in the future. We missed school days last year because of poor air quality and who's to say that super bugs might not disrupt school again in the future. The class that my daughter did was fine, but it was a year's worth of learning compressed into a summer, so I'm not sure that our experience is a good gauge of what it could be like. It seems a bit lonely for the learner and at the end of the course, her retention of the material was not so great despite getting an A. Luckily she's a pretty good student and her teacher for the subsequent math class recognized that and assured us that she would be fine. I guess I'd like to hear if issues like these or others have come up for other people who's teens are doing online learning more regularly. I'd also like to hear about positive experiences as well to help us determine if we should utilize this format of learning more in the future. Thanks. 

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