New Construction Home in Dublin - advice needed!

We're deciding on a new construction home in Dublin by Brookfield. With crazy demand +bidding everywhere, we were not given ANY list price discounts / incentives, while also being subjected to a very marked up list price. Only 8 homes left (of 200) + long waitlists.


  • convenient location close to public transport and shops

  • corner plot

  • amenities included (with HOA fee) like gym, pool, club and several parks / outdoor spaces around

  • warranties

  • seeing the demand right now, it looks to be very much favoured

  • future elementary/middle school next door


    • highest price amongst neighbours

    • 6/7/9 schools (Elementary focus)

    • 3 level house (ageing parents)

    • non-gated : security issues in the area like unwanted porch stalkers and package thefts, vandalism of clubhouse. tho the police station is just behind though, so they are quick to respond

    • there is an earthquake,  liquefaction hazard disclosure

    • soil/groundwater chemical contamination disclosure - a military chemical dumping site previously. the builder treated the land to make it for residential use prior to building on it. The community gets its tap water from a different location. But it's possible if there are traces in the ground, they may be vaporized seep into structures built there. worrying.

    • No third-party pre-framing inspection  - only the buyers are allowed to come in for preframing walkthrough. They DO allow an independent pre-closing inspection, at our cost.

    • schools:  6/7/9. 

Having some misgivings about it now. We're lucky to have a chance to book the much-coveted corner lot, but I feel bad about the massive pricing, especially with the above concerns. 6 months ago others bought at ~100k lower. If the community could help us think through these concerns, it'd be so helpful. As first-time buyers, our heads are spinning right now.

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