Need recommendations for a family therapist


My family needs family therapy.  I feel it is long overdue. I have a 15-year-old son who says HE wants our family to get some family therapy. Our communication issues are many.  My husband can have an explosive temper which makes discussing things as a family sometimes very difficult.  I've known my husband for a very long time and know he has experienced many traumas in his life and that he would deeply benefit from therapy.  He has always rejected the possibility of therapy - even getting couples therapy, always claiming we don't have the money which has sometimes been true but not so much now. 

However, upon hearing from our son that he would like us to go to therapy as a family, my husband has (miraculously) agreed to go.  So, I would love any recommendations anyone may have for a good family therapist and also would love to hear anything (good/bad) about any of the following therapists whose names have been given to me by a high school mental health professional:

Davida Cohen, MFT (Pinole)

Jay Smith, LCSE (Oakland)

Judy Levey (Walnut Creek)

Richard Bush, Ph.D. (Oakland)

Thank you in advance!

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