Need professional to video-record a weekend workshop

I'm hosting a retreat for professionals in Santa Cruz from Nov. 2-5.  I'd like to record the content of the retreat to make the video recordings available for purchase online for professionals who were unable to attend in person.  I have NO idea where to find someone to do this video production, or what it might cost?  I don't need it to be really high-end video production, but need someone with a little experience, who can set up the microphones and recording equipment and record the content, give me the recordings in digital form, and who won't be super expensive.  Some sessions will be indoors (powerpoint presentation) and others will be hands-on demonstrations outdoors, so recording in both settings would be necessary.  Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can give!

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I have worked with Reel Stories in Oakland and I absolutely love them and their work, affordable and professional. And you support your women film makers at the start of their career - doing something good for the world at the same time, yay! Hope you reach out to them, tell them Emily Frost sent you :)