Need career advice

I need career advice. I'm an RN and been in my specialty for almost 10 years and although I feel very skilled in my area, I feel very bored, emotionally drained and overall just not interested in what I'm doing anymore. I love the company I work for and my co-workers, have seniority and get compensated very well. I also carry the huge majority the income for my family and am unsure if I move to another company I could match my current income level.  I could work at another area within the company I'm at, but I have 2 young children at home and am not sure if I'm up for the challenge of learning a whole new type of nursing. I am also still passionate about the area of nursing I'm doing. I also really like the independence, flexibility and hours. I am able to be home on time with my kids a lot and that is very important to me. My husband just graduated from grad school and is starting to work part time in his field and I feel like one of us needs a stable career right now. I feel like I have proverbial golden handcuffs on. Any advice would be appreciated

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