Need advice on accepting charter high school offers

We are not totally sure about how this process works for Charter High Schools. We are applying to 3 schools. 1 is in OUSD, 1 in Alameda and 1 is chartered through Alameda County. We believe that we can only accept 1 school but how does that work if they offer at all different times. We received an offer a couple of days ago from our 3rd choice while the others will make offers early and late March! So if we accept the current offer what do we need to do if a different offer comes through and we want to with draw? Is is quick and easy? Will that hold up our accepting another offer? 2 of these are listed on Schoomint and the other is not. Any help or advice if you have been through this is appreciated. Please no comments or judgements regarding charters. Honesty I am not super into the charter thing but given our kids needs ands our lack of funds for private this is the road we must travel. 

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