OUSD school choice if we leave the country for 6 months

Hello all, 

My partner and I are planning to move to Mexico for the 2023-2024 school year. We had planned to spend a year there in 2020, but....the pandemic. Our kids will be in kindergarten and 2nd grade for the 2023 school year in OUSD. I'm wondering if there are other parents who have done this and have ideas, suggestions, or advice. I have some concerns about their school placement- we are currently in a school that we all like a lot, and hope to stay enrolled throughout elementary school. I'm not sure if we'll have to give up our school placement and re-enter the lottery when we return the following year (it's not our neighborhood/zone school) and hope to get in again for 1st and 3rd grade, or if we can enroll and amend our travels to spend 6 months or so in Mexico, and come back to spend the remainder of the year in their school so they don't lose their placement (and do their work remotely for part of the year). Also open to other ideas, and will plan to connect with folks at the school/OUSD, but was wondering if anyone had experience with this and what worked or didn't work for them. Thanks so much!

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