Middle School Options in Berkeley, CA

Our eldest son will be in 6th grade next school year. He is currently at BUSD and has a great teacher. He is a curious student and loves science and art, but he's not the best student (in terms of grades). He is neuro-diverse (ADHD - inattentive type and dyslexic) and we are concerned about sending him to public middle school which we believe would be Martin Luther King Middle School based on our zone.

Given the astronomical cost of living in the Bay Area, we really don't have the means to send him to an independent private middle school.

Can any parents in a similar situation provide guidance? Is it better to send him to a public middle school and work with tutors/educational specialists to augment his education? Or do we consider a private school?

And, if "yes" on private school, which ones do a better job with children with learning disabilities?

Are there private schools that provide decent financial aid? We have heard from some parents in our socio-economic situation and they say that the independent schools don't really provide a ton of aid and continue to raise tuition every year, so we'd like to get perspective on tuition increases, pressure to fundraise for the school, and added costs for extra-curricular activities such as field trips etc.?


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