Medicaid/Medical Planner for elderly parent

I'm looking for tips/advice for medicaid planning/application for elderly (called medi-cal in California) for my elderly parents - who are divorced so I have two separate situations.

Both are in their early 90s and I am confused about what is best to do.  They each have different situations, one is already in a memory care home, going through her assets, at that point she'll be able to apply but her income will be too high due to a pension so I am not sure the best way to handle that. The other parent lives in his home but he had a reverse mortgage done years ago, but may need full time care soon so I am not sure how his situation would be handled under medi-cal.

So I am wondering how to figure out the best way to handle their situations. Has anyone applied for their parent and what were some places they found info and help - websites, paid services, personal tips etc (of course I know you can't offer legal advice, but just things you ran into so that I can look into it if it may apply to me).

For example, with my mom in memory care, the facility doesn't have a nursing wing so I assume I'll need to move her to a nursing facility to be eligible. I hear it's best to move while she can still do private pay - has anyone done that procedure and what problems or tips might you have? Any recommendations in the bay area for nice places that will allow you to switch to medi-cal?  Or for dad, who will want to live in his home, can get in home care (which he won't be able to afford without medi-cal help) but will he be eligible if he can't really sell down his assets as he has this reverse mortgage and his home in LA has gone up so much in value in the last 15 years. To make it more complicated, dad served in WWII and is eligible for VA benefits for war-time service however I haven't applied for anything as I hear it is such a long and pointless process. Has anyone had experience with that or tips?

I know there are Certified Medi-cal advisors out there but they seem to cost about 4k - for advice & application.  Is it worth it?  Any recommendations?

Again I know no one can answer these specific questions for me, I just wanted to explain a little their situations in case it brings something to mind for anyone. Any ideas will be appreciated. 

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