Market rate for nanny shares in East Bay?

Hi fellow parents! Just starting to talk to potential nannies for a nanny-share with neighbors in San Leandro. Wondering what the going rate is for nannies in the area... want to make sure we know what's fair to offer. Have only talked to two candidates thus far and they have both suggested around $15 per child per hour. Sound right to you? Thanks in advance!

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We’ve been researching this, and the market rate for nanny shares in the area seems to range from $15-$20/hour from each family (two children total). Infant care (under age 2) tends to be more expensive than care for older children. Of course, nannies with education and experience earn higher wages. If you’re paying legally, you’ll also want to skew toward the higher end, as it will reduce your nanny’s net pay a bit. Don’t forget to budget in bonuses, health insurance stipend if applicable, and PTO (vacation, sick leave, personal). Good luck with your search!