Looking for Window Specialist / Leak Repairs

Long-time observer, first-time poster looking for advice on who to contact and recommendations for good companies / handypeople / contractors / window specialist. Please Help!!

After the storms and rains last week, we noticed some paint peeling underneath a pair of windows in our little one's bedroom. At first we assumed it was nothing but it's only gotten worse and now the drywall feels damp to the touch after rains. We've taken some infrared camera photos which definitely show a cold spot in the corner where the paint is peeling too. We also did the spray-with-a-hose and check-after test which seems to just further prove there is a problem.

Does anyone have recommendations for (a) what kind of contractor / specialist would be the right person for the job and (b) trustworthy people that would be able to fix the problem? I'm really not sure what kind of service we would need. We called some leak detection specialists but they seem to essentially do the same thing I already did (spray and IR checks) and don't actually perform any work. Presumably we're going to need to take drywall out and replace window framing that's wet/rotted and maybe install new windows and/or window flashing? 

Any help is more than appreciated. 

For reference, we're in the North Oakland / Berkeley / Emeryville (NOBE) neighbourhood.

Thanks in advance all!

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