Looking for Naturopath MD in San Francisco

Hi all,

I'm in search of a naturopath who is also an M.D. in San Francisco, preferably covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield to treat an adult for anxiety, perceived muscle weakness, ringing in head, nervous system issues, and other symptoms that have not been able to be diagnosed by bloodwork, MRIs, CT scans, and physical exams by a neurologist and general practitioner.

Looking for someone versed in both western medicine and naturopathic/alternative/functional medicine, who can look holistically at physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional issues.

I've found some integrated health MDs at UCSF Osher Center and Sutter Institute for Health & Healing, but the wait for an initial appointment is between 4-12 months! Many other Naturopathic clinics seem to require "joining" and paying monthly fees for regular access, which I'd rather not do, since already paying expensive monthly health care premiums.

Thank you!

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Hi, it sounds like your symptoms are diverse - more systemic. I would suggest checking the practitioner list at lymedisease.org or Bay Area Lyme Foundation.  The providers are typically MDs and NDs who provide integrative care. Their testing tends to be a different from the typical testing that most doctors provide - tests with the same names are done by different laboratories and may provide different results and insights. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.