Looking for housecleaner that uses non-toxic products

Hi all! I am looking to hire someone to clean my 3 bed/1 bath apartment (probably every two weeks, if everything goes well), in Albany. I've seen many good suggestions, but I really need someone who uses non-toxic products, particularly someone who doesn't (or rarely) uses bleach, because the smell makes me sick, and I'd prefer to avoid a lot of the other chemicals involved in many cleaners. I even have my own cleaning supplies I'd be happy to let someone use, or they can bring their own. Does anyone have recommendations of an individual or service they have used?

Thank you!

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How about you provide all the non-toxic products?  Then you just have to look for someone who promises they'll only use those items== the incentive is: they'll be paid as if they're using their products. 

I highly recommend Raquel Garcia, 510-695-7593.

She only used products (read: vinegar, etc.) I requested, and was very respectful of my family's chemical sensitivities. We aren't having anyone clean our home right now because of Covid, but Raquel is a true gem of a human being.

I highly recommend Antonia Vaquerano. She and her team only use non-toxic cleaning products (mostly vinegar, which I provide). Her number is 510-478-2811.

I have been using Gladis Valladares for many years. She and her daughter, Yajaira  are thorough and excellent at making your house shine. She can offer free estimates and her company name is Yaya House Cleaning. Here is her contact information. They are both very trustworthy and I have been very pleased with their work and they have never cancelled at the last minute and really have shown up whenever I have been in a last minute bind & needed help with company coming have fit me into their schedule! So you cannot find a more dependable  and  meticulous cleaners. 

All the Best,  JAT

Yayahousecleaning [at] gmail.com

Phone Contact: 510-827 7456