Looking for housecleaner recommendations

Hi everyone, I need someone to come clean my home every three months and then as needed in between that.

Looking for: English speaking, use toxic-free products or are willing to use mine, own transportation, willing to come to the Berkeley Hills, and have a good blend of quality work / affordability.

Please share your recommendations and how much they charge you for regular cleanings vs deep cleaning and what your square footage is. And also if you happen to know if they’re open to any other tasks such as organizing, ironing or steaming, or any work outdoors.

Thank you! 

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I'am absolutely satisfied with Flory service . Her attention to detail is remarkable. She works hard and is so incredibly kind. I never have  any complaints when she leaves my home. I trust her 100%. Our home looks great and they've been easy to schedule visits. (510) 467-4574  email: florenta25 [at] yahoo.com

I love our house cleaners, a wonderful husband and wife team, Marcelo and Camila Ribeiro. We’ve been using them for 2 years and they’re total lifesavers. They’re responsive, do a thorough job, have reasonable rates (I had 3 estimates before choosing them), and are happy to focus on whatever you specify for that cleaning as your needs change. I know Marcelo is also quite handy if you find yourself needing extra repairs, etc here and there. I wholeheartedly trust them and look forward to their visits every other week. Nothing like a clean house!

Feel free to let them know Arianna gave you their contact information. Phone - (510) 731-9466 or email manager [at] cleaningduoca.com