Looking for house cleaner in Berkeley

Hello! We are moving to Berkeley in mid June and will need house cleaning services every other week starting immediately after we move in. Any recommendations or know of those who offer these services please reach out.

Thank you!


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Anna Martinez is great and looking for new clients (number shared with permission): ‭(510) 860-5182‬

We have a lovely cleaning crew. Reach out to Fabiana at 510-938-7629. Best to correspond by text as English is a second language. They do AMAZING and thorough work. 

Berry Clean has been our go-to house cleaner and they have been great. I think they also have a discounted rate if you book by-weekly! Hope that helps. And welcome to the area! 

I've been using Spring into Clean since almost two years now. (Springintoclean.com)

It's easy to book on their website, and most importantly they do an excellent job cleaning. They are always punctual and bring their own supplies, emails get answered promptly.

Would highly recommend!

I found Janeth +1 (510) 418-8639‬ from another BPN parent. Happy with her crew so far. Feel free to reach out.

We have them coming biweekly as well.

I love my house cleaner Elvia Sarabia! She comes with 3 or 4 helpers. She cleans my 3-bedroom Berkeley house in one hour. It took my old house cleaner 4 hours to do the same. They wear masks in my house as I requested. They are all vaxed- I haven't asked if they are boosted. You can phone or text Elvia at:510-367-6620. Tell her Claire sent you.

Hi. Highly recommend our cleaner Yulisa. +1 (415) 240-2126. Speaks Spanish only and struggles w reading texts recommend you call her. 


welcome to the Bay Area. We have been using Tai and Thiago. They are very friendly, trustworthy, and do a great job. We have kids and animals so our place quickly turns into a zoo. However, when they come over they work there magic and turn this place around.

We have them come bi-weekly but I know they can provide more often or less depending on what you’re looking for.

Tai and Thiago


if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

My housecleaner and her team are excellent and they have time for new clients. Terry, 510-460-2145. You can tell her that Rebecca on Chestnut St. in Berkeley recommended her. 

I also live in Berkeley and have an excellent housecleaner to recommend.  Her name is Gloria Acetun.  She can be reached at 510-395-4375.  She responds to phone or text messages.  She has been our housecleaner, coming weekly, for several years.  Her quality has not declined over time.  She is really really good.  She is extremely dependable.  I don't think she has ever missed a day.  And if I need to reschedule in advance or do something different she is very flexible.  She comes with a team to knock it out quickly.  She and her team are good energy, always talking and laughing while they work.  I only speak English with her and it works fine but if you speak Spanish all the better.  If you contact her she will come by and give you an estimate.  

I have been using Maria Silva and her friend for many years now. Her phone number is ‭+1 (510) 253-6809‬. 

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Hi, I think our wonderful cleaner Estela may be available. She is primarily Spanish speaking. Shoot me a message for her info! 

I'd like to recommend Shirlene Morais for house cleaning.  She is very sweet and does a great job. Her cell is 510-850-7008

I love my cleaner Janeth. Her team is very detail oriented and they also tidy up my kiddo's toys and books, which is lovely! I text her, and her number is 510-418-8639.

Hey there - Estela, our wonderful house cleaner could be a fit. She is primarily Spanish speaking. Text message is best — her number is (510) 730-4766. 

Thank you all! Appreciate all the help! Will start digging in. 😀

the.best.berkeley.parent had highly recommended Gloria Acetun. Unfortunately, she was a no show to our agreed appointment earlier this week in Berkeley, and has not replied to subsequent texts asking the reason why. So I am rather disappointed in her behavior, although I can't say anything about her cleaning capabilities.