Looking for house cleaner

Hello All,

I hope this message finds you well. 

With working full time and taking care of my 7 month old baby, I am needing support to finding a reliable, consistent, and local house cleaner. If you have someone who comes to your home and you can provide a good reference that would be ideal! 



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Hi Cynthia, I wholeheartedly recommend Daniela Rodrigues of DMC cleaning.  She and her mother have been working for me for 20 years and they are fantastic.  Almost never need to cancel or reschedule, always do a great job, and reasonably priced.  Daniela speaks perfect english (she's Brazilian).  Call her at 510-804-4855.  You can also call me at 510-599-6911 for more info.  Romney O'Connell

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We use Maria and her friend for several years now.

She is affordable, honest and reliable.

Her phone number is +1 (510) 253-6809

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Hi! We love our cleaning lady Silvia. Shes so sweet and great at her job. Highly recommend her. You can reach out here: mazariegoscleaningservice [at] gmail.com

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We have had a great experience with Noemi. She is thorough, punctual and super sweet. She doesn't speak English but uses Google Translate easily (both for texting and once you're communicating with her in your house). She was pretty self-directed, I never spent time telling her what to do (other than show her where clean sheets were, etc) and our home was always sparkling after she came. 510-860-3808

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Nagela castro is wonderful. She is the business owner. They are thorough, reliable and very easy to work with and part of a network of women owned businesses. 
her number is:


We’re in oakland - not sure what other areas they go to. 

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Maricela has been cleaning for us for many years. She is exceptionally thorough, nice, and reliable. She has a car so getting from her home in Oakland to my home in North Berkeley is no problem. She has time in her schedule and I highly recommend her! Tell her Brenda referred you. Text or call her at 510-978-5713

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Dear Cynthia,

I can recommend to you our nanny (takes care of our son) who helps clean our home as well. She is originally from Guatemala, and therefore her English is limited. But she is very detailed oriented person and trust worthy. She also charges reasonably for her services. Her name is Viviana and the phone number is: 510-383-6874. I would suggest if you are planning to text her, to use Google translator. 

Good luck,


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Carmen is wonderful.  She comes weekly and as even watched my daughter when our nanny was out of town (she is a mother herself).  Covid-cautiousas well.

510 689 9707

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Hi Cynthia - you can text my housekeeper, Carolina, at 510-374-0210. Carolina has worked for me for several years and for ove 15 years for some of my neighbors. She is trustworthy and reliable and she can straighten up as well as clean. good luck. She responds best to text, tell her Jan gave you her name.

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Hi, i have an amazing house cleaner who is also a nanny. The thing is she doesn’t really speak english though she is very competent with google translate.

Her schedule is very flexible. My kid loves her. Her prices are really good too. Let me know if you want her info 415-786-2417