Looking for a high-level housekeeper

Hi there, we are trying to find a housekeeper for 2 days (12-15) hours a week in preparation for baby #2. We hope to have someone both deep clean, but also do daily tasks of laundry, dishes, organization and occasional meal prep. We have looked into using a hiring service, but the fees, plus the high hourly rate they set, isn’t realistic for us. Any suggestions on where to look? (I’ve tried local Facebook groups, Nextdoor and care.com, with no results yet). Thank you for any suggestions! 

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Your needs may best be met by splitting these jobs up and looking for both a house cleaner and someone who can prep meals or a meal delivery/chef service. That would be amazing to find someone who can do it all but I imagine hard to find.

Where are you located? I have had the same great housekeeper (mom of my daughter's classmate since K) . She lives in Berkeley. Maria Elena. Super reliable and trustworthy. Her English is okay but not great. (510) 499-7297. Great cook and housekeeper.

If you've looked at care.com, facebook, and Nextdoor and found no one willing to do the job for what you would like to pay, then I believe that your workload expectations and compensation might not be in line with the going rate for those services. Deep cleaning, laundry, dishes, and food prep add to the cost of housekeeping, so it might be cheaper to lock in a scheduled regular cleaning service that just cleans, and do the other stuff on your own.

+1 (415) 426-0572 Estefani Monroy. Spanish only but understands English pretty well. She’s been our housekeeper for 6 years, doing what you’re describing + takes care of our cats and occasionally our son. Has had our keys for 6 years never had a problem. Happy yo chat more if you want

I would highly recommend ours, Lupita +1 (510) 860-1577

We used to have a part-time nanny that preferred to combine a bunch of part-time gigs. I know she also did housework. If you are interested, DM me and I can send you her info.