Looking for a handyman

My wife and I are expecting a baby this September and aim to replace a broken wall heater before the due date. We are looking for a handyman who can replace the electric wall heater and repair/paint the drywall around the heater. We would greatly appreciate any recommendations!

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We use Wuilian Herrera for outdoor projects like fencing, and for indoor projects like plumbing and electrical: (510) 719-0968

RE: Looking for a handyman ()

Not exactly a handyman, but have you considered replacing your electric resistance wall heater with a ductless wall-mounted mini-split heat pump unit?  More expensive up front, but **way** more efficient, and there are rebates out there from BayREN (if you use one of their contractors), and possibly your locality, depending where you live. It works (very efficiently) as an air conditioner, too. https://www.bayren.org/heat-pumps