Looking For After School Programs in the East Bay

Hi BPN, my children currently attend Kids in Motion at John Muir Elementary 5 days a week. While they love it, my partner and I believe that they may be better off in a program with more structure.

Specifically, we're looking for a M-F (ideally, but we'd consider a once a week program if that's what we have to do) program with proctored homework help and adult-facilitated play/games because our oldest child (8) needs more help with homework (homework at Kids in Motion is more self motivated) and our youngest (6) needs a calmer environment and dedicated help learning how to play well with others. 

We're talking with Inspire Behavior (and we've had good experiences with their vacation camps), but I'm not yet confident that it will be a good fit. JCC seems impossible to get into. Many other after school programs listed on BPN seem to have gone out of business or have older reviews. 

Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

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