Local Club or Fraternal Org?

Spouse and I are both somewhat interested in joining a club or association that provides activities and socializing, but we would prefer not to be the absolute youngest people there (in our late 40s and late 50s!) - so like the Elks, but not the Elks. It'd be nice to join the same club but it could also be I (female) join LWV or AAUW and he (male) joins an Italian or Irish heritage club, or ??? The real question is if anyone can recommend something in the greater East Bay not too stodgy or ridiculously expensive, that is making an effort to attract younger (under 70!) members, that we could check out. We expect there would be a volunteer requirement, and that's fine. Please share any experiences with the local LWV, AAUW, Italian clubs, Portuguese clubs, or similar. No Lions or Rotary please, we're familiar with the local branches. Thx!

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