Daycare's liability insurance waiver


We’re about to put our 4 month old into a small (4 kids max) family/in-home day care and are being asked to sign a waiver for liability insurance since she doesn’t have it. We love this provider and her home, but this is giving us pause. I know California law doesn’t require it, but how common is this waiver and should we consider a different provider? Or is this pretty standard? 


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I would NOT do this.  I would also be concerned about a provider who is caring for 4 children at the same time with a child who is only 4 mo old.  While this is legal ratio for a center, consider if two kids get ill or cry for a bottle at once.  Your kid will be left screaming and crying while they wait for help.  I was always massively comforted that my child would always be immediately picked up in a center with a 3:1 ratio that always had extra teachers in the room in case one provider had multiple children in-need at the same time.  This ratio also means accidents are far more likely to occur - which should give you pause about the insurance.  Think about it. This means if your kid gets hurt from her negligence you have no recourse.  This isn't she's watching her and she takes a tumble because she's a toddler. This is she has the person who usually gives her a lunch and bathroom break call in sick and she wasn't watching your kid as closely and she wandered through an open gate and fell and got seriously hurt.  What if you had thousands or hundreds of thousands in medical bills or therapy?!?   This seems wildly inappropriate and like a reckless cost savings measure by this business owner.  I would question her professionalism, for sure.  For example, my umbrella insurance - which would cover a nanny share in my home - costs only $188/year for $1M policy from GEICO.   I would consider asking this provider to take out basic umbrella insurance of $1M and perhaps have a waiver that she is not liable beyond $1M?  She could even pass that $25/year along to each family in the fees for service...