Mandarin teacher in Berkeley/Albany for 7 year old

Looking for a mandarin teacher in Berkeley/Albany area my son is 7 years old and wanted to learn a language and chose mandarin. It is his first time we want to encourage him in his journey and hope he enjoys this very much. Please if you know some weekend courses or even late after school classes I’d be willing to try and help him in this journey. 

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We've heard great thing about this program from another family. My boys have been taking Mandarin lessons with an online tutor for 2 years, but decided that they needed to try an in-person with a different approach

Hi there,

My au pair is from China and speaks Mandarin (she's from Beijing) and is a teacher back in her home country.  She is willing consider one on one classes for your son if you are interested.  Please private message me and I can put you in touch with her!

Let me know!