Kaiser ECE or Emerson for TK (mild autism, highly spirited)

We're just back from family vacation and it has somehow just dawned on me that I could stop paying 30k for preschool immediately and enroll my daughter in TK.

OUSD has offered up Kaiser ECE and Emerson. We live in Upper Rockridge, just up the street from Chabot (which doesn't have a TK program). 

My kiddo is 1/3 on the severity spectrum of ASD, no IEP yet, but thought that info would be helpful.

She's been enrolled in Reggio/mostly outdoor preschool programs since 16 months, but I enrolled her in a slightly more traditional summer school program in Europe and she loved it... I think she might thrive on a smidge more structure and actual material to learn but I don't want to set her up for failure. 

Would love any feedback on these programs. 

Thanks in advance. 

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