Kaiser ADHD DX sufficient for HS Documentation?

Dear BPN parents of ADHD kids, 

Son was dx by Kaiser with ADHD after OUSD 2nd grade teacher flagged him and he was placed on a 504.   Not a lot of therapy other than Adderall after that, usual accommodations implemented.  Diagnosis copied and provided to middle school by Kaiser.   Now we are looking down the barrel of a desired HS that requires ADHD documentation which  "adheres to the documentation established by the College Board" and is way more involved than anything we have had at Kaiser. https://accommodations.collegeboard.org/request-accommodations/provide-d...   Given that ADHD is a brain chemical issue and in this case has a documented biological family history, it doesn't seem like it is something that changes, comparable to eye color, such that on-going testing is relevant.                                           

In any event, has anyone whose kids were either applying to HS or college obtained from Kaiser the documentation required by the College Board: Updated Educational testing for HS/College;  Comprehensive cognitive & academic assessments that are individually administered; psychoeducational evaluation?   Or, are Kaiser members required to pay out of pocket for obtaining this diagnostic information from an educational neuro-psych evaluation.  

Thanks for any help on this long and winding road of ADHD. 

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