Jefferson, Sylvia Mendez, or Rosa Parks

I’m the parent of a current Kindergartener. Due to COVID, we are homeschooling this year with support by the Berkeley Independent Study program. Like many, I’m daydreaming about the time when my son can return to “normal, in-person school.” Next year, my son will be in 1st grade. He is currently advanced academically in reading and math. The reviews of these schools on BPN are several years old in some cases. I am hoping to get some recent reviews of Jefferson, Sylvia Mendez, and Rosa Parks. What have been your experiences? Jefferson has the best scores and rating on GreatSchools, Sylvia Mendez has Spanish Immersion (but my child has next to zero Spanish exposure and he’ll be entering at 1st grade), and Rosa Parks has an amazing campus with a track and field. All feedback and experiences welcome!!

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