IRL Family therapist needed - help with ADHD/mood disregulation

Hello - we are searching (and in desperate need really) for a family therapist (specifically in person sessions) to help guide and support our family of four, as we continue on the ever evolving journey with our 11 year old son with ADHD/mood disregulation/anger/depression issues (potentially bi-polar, but too young to diagnose). 

We are really looking for someone who would do varying types of sessions - with our son himself 1-1, with his 13 year old sister, us as parents, along with the family of four as a whole as well. (Not sure if this even exists?!) 

All of us are in dire need for new tools to manage and cope, on the day to day and especially in the very tough times (ie during his manic episodes). 

Could you please send any/all recs along if there is anyone in the east Bay Area that might fit this description or come close? Even support groups for parents of kids with similar conditions in this age group would be helpful.

Your guidance is incredibly appreciated! 

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