16 yr old girl's provocative clothing

I don't know where to begin about this. But I guess I'll get to the point. My 16 year old daughter has been dressing a bit provocatively lately and I'm torn. I don't want to slut shame her, but I find her behavior bothersome and am not sure what to do.

She's always been a great student and a strong girl, but last spring she had her first relationship (boyfriend) and things haven't quite been the same since. She seemed to be very ready to have sex with him early on in their relationship and swore that he was't pushing her into it and that she wanted to do that. I don't think they ended up having sex, but I feel like she kind of compromised her general principles for him - not just in this way, but in other ways as well. Lucky for us, he dumped her (on her birthday!).

But she's been quite private about her life and the goings-on with her friends. My husband and I thought that this was normal and fine and maybe part of the "almost an adult" process of getting ready to be out on your own kind of thing...But she also dropped her only sports team (and also her biggest activity), and is now not only dressing a bit slutty (in my opinion), AND has even put some posts on Instagram that I feel uncomfortable with (but I think she doesn't remember that I see these posts of hers because I don't comment or like any of the posts from she or any of her friends - on purpose!). I know there are a lot of girls her age out there these days that are dressing this way and posting on Instagram as such, but it still feels weird to me. Like this kind of behavior seems so empty headed, but more importantly dangerous. I've been trying to figure out what I can do or my husband and I can do to help out. I'm wondering if me working a lot and the loss of a close family mom friend added to this. I spent the good part of last year really trying to help out the family last year and wonder if between that and working too much may be part of the problem. I feel like my husband and I are doing great with each other, so I'm not sure what else in our family dynamic may have broken down to add to this. It may sound silly, but I also wondered if she needed more things to do since she dropped her sport. Like some other activity or just get hours from her summer job (they are looking for support in the winter as well). 

Any experience with this change in behavior with your teen daughter and what you did?

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