Interactive metronome therapy for ADHD inattentive/SCT?

My 12 YO was diagnosed w/ ADHD inattentive type at age 7. She has been on medication for 4 yr with some benefit. Recent retesting is actually more concerning, problem not so much ADHDi, but more issues w/ very slow processing.  Sounds like she can get there, but about 2x a slow as "neurotypical".  Our PhD neuro psych was a little be stumped by the evaluation, and put the story together for us this way:  that our kid processes things in "chunks" rather than in an integrative way/trouble w/ the gestalt.  Trouble with big picture concepts, mathematics and science, navigating social dynamics, seeing the other side of an argument, etc. She is not on the spectrum.  I recently learned about interactive metronome therapy for ADHD and SCT (sluggish cognitive tempo) and wondering if anyone has any experience w/ this for their child (or themself, for that matter.)

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