Independent living coach

My young adult trans kid has several learning issues. They are now living on their own and needs coaching in budgeting, cooking, how to have reminders on making appointments, and even eating and food preparation. Budgeting and dealing with money are huge concerns.  Pragmatic communication is needed as well.  I am looking for an individual coach, who can be someone where there would be accountability and a sense of relationship, patience and understanding that math is not a strong suite when it comes to teaching budgeting 

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Hi there!

Are you looking for a care provider or someone to come around and do life skills with your child for a few hours a week? Fiverr has a lot of resources for looking for life coaches online. 

I did this kind of thing for a friend of a friend of mine after she went through a crazy divorce from an abusive husband. She had very little life skills because he had married her when she was 17 and kept her home with no access to banking or even the ability to schedule doc appt for herself. He literally did everything, for over 10 years. Anyways, I have some experience in this area if you wanted to chat through what I did with her and maybe you could work on the same kind of thing. We worked together for just over a year and became good friends in the process. 

Best of luck!