How do you factor in half days when babysitter travels with us?

Hi wise parents,

I have a part time sitter that has agreed to travel with us and another family friend over Labor Day weekend from Fri till Mon (3 nights). We’ve agreed to a rate of $200/day with food & lodging covered to look after 2 kids at any one time (we have 4 kids total) and we’ll be with her the whole time. We will be sharing this rate with the other family and didn’t specify the exact working hours although we assume it will be the kid’s waking hours from 8am-8pm. 

The thing is that we’re driving 1.5 hours to get there and check in is only at 4pm and check out is 12pm. She is willing to drive down on her own since we were planning to have lunch with another family friend on the way down, but she can also come in our car. 

Do we pay her half day rates for Fri and Mon so a total of 3 days? Or do we have to pay her for 4 days even though we’re not getting her help for a big part of the traveling days? Also, how would you handle the drive down? 

Thanks in advance for your advice!!

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