Housekeeper wanted: North Berkeley

Our lovely housekeeper has injured herself and is not able to work. We are looking for a weekly cleaner. I would prefer someone with decent English who is all the good things - reliable, responsible, thorough, etc. We have a largish house and live in North Berkeley. Starting ASAP. If you have someone to recommend and it is possible for me to contact you about them to hear details that would be helpful. Thank you. 

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Hi, we have a great house cleaner. She has a team who cleans our house in North Berkeley every two weeks. Usually 2 come but sometimes 3. Let me know if you would like her contact information.

Sagra is incredibly reliable and thorough. Her cell is 510-478-3966. She and her partner show up on time, wear masks, and great comms via text. Speaks and writes English well. Cash only/preferred.

I can recommend my person! Her team is very punctual and detail oriented and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

I love love love my housecleaner.  She has recently had some clients move away and has openings.  Her name is Gloria Acetun.  Spanish is her native language but I communicate only in English and we communicate fine.  I have used her services for several years.  One thing that makes her different is that I have not noticed any decline in quality of her cleaning over time as I have had with some others.  She has a crew that she gets along with very well, family and friends, who all work very well together.  On the rare occasion I have brought issues of concern to her she always listens and fixes it.  Very thorough.  And extremely dependable, I can't remember the last time if there was any time where she had to miss an appointment.  You can call or text her at 510-395-4375.