Housekeeper (vs Housecleaner) info and recommendations?

Hi all, 

We have great housecleaners we love, but with the addition of a newborn, we're finding that we could use some extra help with things aside from the deep cleaning they do. We're hoping to find someone for: laundry & folding, light meal prep & clean up, general straightening up at the end of a day. This is something we think we'd like once or twice a week for about 2 hours at a time. 

Does anyone have experience with having someone like this, and if so, what did they do in your home, do you have referrals, what was the rate?

Thanks in advance!

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I highly recommend Maricela. For many years she has been cleaning for me, family and friends - both deep cleaning (between tenants) and weekly/monthly cleaning. She is through, delightful, and available. You can text her at 510-978-5713 and let her know Brenda referred you.