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Does anyone have a housekeeper recommendation for Oakland? We are looking for someone to clean our house at least twice a month beginning in late March/early April. 


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We have been very happy with Lourdes Arias, who cleans our house every two weeks. She is a kind person, does a great job, and offers a competitive rate for the Bay Area. Her number is (510) 672-7263. 


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Sandra and her son Bruno have cleaned our house in Oakland for years. They are very nice and trustworthy and their rates are reasonable. I know they’re looking for a few more clients. You can text Sandra at 510-776-6972.

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I highly recommend Alma’s House Cleaning services. I’ve known and hired Alma for years, she has a lovely demeanor and has a small business with a few employees. 

Her number is 510.520.2529. Please tell her Sabah referred you (formerly in Oakland, now Alameda),

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I feel very lucky to have found Ana Dias. She has been great to work with and really made our home sparkle. She charges a reasonable rate for the area and has availability right now. You can reach her at 415-574-5661.