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Hello Parents,

I'm due with my second child and realizing I need to bring in some outside cleaning help to keep my sanity.  Does anyone have a great housekeeper they could recommend?  

Many thanks!

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I'm not sure where you are located, but my house cleaner Martina Mendoza is amazing- I have been using her for a couple years and got her from a person who had used her for many years prior to that. 

her # is 510-978-2939, she will also respond to text inquiries.

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I have a great housekeeer name Elisa. Her and her husband Jose run the business. They’re consistent and do a good job for us twice a wk. Give them a call tell them that Lyn recommenced you. +1 (510) 326-1023

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 Hi Ash

My housekeeper is expanding her business and expecting a new child in a few months. If you want to contact her she is a mother of 2 girls expecting a 3rd girl...She is responsible , excellent at communication and honest and very very good at not missing any details . She is easy to work with and her schedule right now is very strong as she and her oldest daughter clean together but not every day of the week She  is planning on expanding  her business. I have known Gladis for  at least 5 years and she always shows up when planned and has always exceeded my expectations.  I hope this helps you  find the right person for your needs.  I have mentioned to Gladis to sign up for BPN since she is planning on expanding her business soon so she will  appreciate me going to the trouble to respond to you so you have at least a referral. 

Gladis Valladares 510 827 7456

Gladis Valladares [at]

Any  Questions give me a call

Jackie Thompson

510 418 6694