Housekeeper in Berkeley


we are looking for a housekeeper and cleaner for 4+ hours/per week for Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

We have a 2BR+1BR apartment in North Berkeley with one baby :)

We are looking to hire the housekeeper as employee.

Please message me if you have any recommendations.

Thank you!

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We have been very happy with the cleaning team provided to us by Yessenia Rojas. 510-776-3380. You can tell her Jennifer recommended you. We are also in N Berkeley.

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Hi there,I have a WONDERFUL house cleaner that I highly recommend. Her name is Raimundaand she does an AMAZING job, is incredibly detailed in her 
work and a joy to work with. She does virtually everything, including 
changing the bed linens. No dishes or laundry. She has 
worked for us since we moved in our house in 2008 years I completely trust her. She even has 
our house alarm code, so she can go in while I’m at work. She charges us $1200 for an 
every other week for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600sq foot house. (She 
normally charges a bit more for the first deep-clean visit.)She brings along a friend usually and they take about 3 hours to clean the house.She is native Portuguese speaking, but speaks English fine and I never have any problems communicating with her. It is 
the best $ I spend and I feel like I'm much less stressed and can spend more time with my family, which is priceless. :) 
Feel free to text/call her at 510.472.7609. Just tell her you were recommended by her client 
Deborah. Also feel free to email me for any 
questions I can help with. Cheers!
Deborahdebg325 [at] 

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I highly recommend my housekeeper, her name is Gloria. She is very reliable, responsible and tidy...She speaks mostly Spanish, but speak little English. 

Gloria’s # (415)368-4013 gloria_210951 [at]



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I needed the house to be deep-cleaned when my husband was coming home after surgery.   I found a small family company called Natural Forest that did a really splendid job. Elizabeth undertstood my needs and habits quickly and she and her assistant did a good job.  Since then they have come to clean my house every three weeks. They bring their own equipment and environmentally-friendly supplies. They wear gloves, masks and foot covers and will wipe down surfaces with alcohol at the end, if you like.  Elizabeth has a professional's committment to customer satisfaction, and is responsive to feedback.  I find her to be prompt, honest and thorough.  She and her mother (who is one of her assistants) also cleaned my daughter's house and did a good job there as well. They will also return to help her on a regular basis. You can read about them at her website NaturalForest. Her telephone number is 510-297-0804.

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We just got a new house keeper and she is amazing. I got the referral through BPN. She is super thorough, responsible, responsive, and friendly. Ines Campos: 510-967-0816. I don't know if she works on the weekend. You can say that Leslie referred her.