House Cleaning Service Once a Month?

Seeking a housekeeping person to come every other week to our 3BR/2BA home in Berkeley/Kensington area.

Can you recommend someone you trust that can be left alone in the house or be provided with keypad access? 

We have a 6 years-old female golden retriever that is super friendly and easy. 

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I recommend our cleaning service, Jessie's Cleaning.  I leave them alone in the house and trust them.

Sandra is amazing - she comes either on her own or with one other person while we're at work. Our house is always sparkling clean top to bottom, in every last corner. Her number is 510-641-7563. 

We do this all the time with our cleaner, Irma, who has been cleaning for us in two homes for years now. She brings her family members, usually her son, to help clean. They are incredibly trustworthy. You can reach her by text to have her check out your house and give you a quote: +1 (510) 472-2017. 

Carmen has been keeping our 3BR/2BA  house sparkling and is really great with our 11 year old pointer lab. Her number is (510) 689-9707

I recommend Monica super highly.  We just moved out of the area, but she had a key to my home and is super responsible.  She is thorough, flexible and all around wonderful to work with.  I interacted with her maybe half the times she came to my house. +1 (510) 409-8925


Highly, highly recommend our cleaner Sara!  She is always prompt, super communicative (we typically text in Spanish) and very trustworthy.  She has been cleaning our house for almost 4 years.  Her phone # is 510-712-4563.

I can highly recommend our housekeeper Sonya. She has worked for us for 12 years and is entirely trustworthy and reliable. Her number is (510) 504-5172

Hi, my housecleaners are taking on new clients if you are still looking. They can be reached by text at (510) 938-3173.

We love our cleaner, Angelica. She's super trustworthy, so kind, and always goes the extra mile. Her number is 510-706-4397. 

Our wonderful house keeper is looking for new clients. Her name is Sonia and she prefers to communicate by text. She speaks Spanish and her English is a bit limited but communication has not been an issue for us. She does a great job, jumps right in without needing much guidance, and is very reliable.

(510) 830-9771