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I see someone posted recently about finding a cleaner in the Berkeley/Oakland area but our needs are a bit specific so I thought I'd post separately. We currently have a decent service doing our cleaning 1/x a month but the issues we have with them are enough where we're looking for alternatives. Specifically:

* They don't show up on time; they could show up 2 hours early, 2 hours later, etc. Hell, once the showed up the wrong day and it's just lucky we were here!

* The cleaning crew are constantly different, both in terms of number of people and the specific people. Sometimes they send 2, sometimes 3, sometimes 4. And we've never had the same people. What this means is it's hard for us to make sure we have enough tip for everyone since we don't know how many people will be here, the cost fluctuates, and, since the people rotate, we can't actually teach anyone our expectations. So perhaps one time the rugs won't be picked up and cleaned under. The next time that'll be done because we remind them but they won't have dusted. Or won't have cleaned the floors of the kitchen. It's just very hard to create expectations when the crew is different each time.

Does anyone have recommendations for cleaners that are consistently on time (or within 10/15 minutes!) and where the cleaning crew (or singular person) is the same?


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Hi,  I have a single person, a Mom, who does excellent work. She did cancel once because daycare was cancelled for her youngest.  She always checks in the night before and confirms her arrival time. We communicate via Google Translate but that is NO issue. I have recommended her in a post already so please look there and contact me if I can help further.

Her name is Sara Linares.510 712-4563.  You can clarify your needs with her and I am sure she will be responsive.  Highly recommend for quality of person and work! She does work with another person for larger jobs. My space is tiny - a barn, so I asked her please to come alone.

I really like the cleaners at Spring Into Clean. First of all their website is very easy to use, incl. getting a quote or changing the date. They have never been late more than 20 minutes, plus they text when they are on the way. Their crew is very well trained, they do an excellent job cleaning, and they bring their own supplies. They don't have much turn-over, and most of the time we have the same people.

I highly recommend Sara Linares as well!!  She has cleaned for me for over 2 years and is extremely dependable, thorough and efficient.  If she or I have to change a cleaning day (happened a few times on my end and maybe once on her end) she will work with me to figure out a better day for her to come.   She is so reliable that I don't even bother to confirm--I know that she will show up on the same time, same day, every other week.  She is a gem!