House Cleaner in Alameda

I am looking for a dependable housecleaner in Alameda.  I would appreciate any recommendations.  Also, if people have an idea of what the going rate is these days, that would be helpful.  


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Call or text Ana Ramos at 510-253-5741. Tell her Sarah from Alameda gave you the number.  She and her family have been cleaning our house for years.  We give them $125 every 2 weeks.  Our house is not very big.  We feel they do a really nice job.

RE: House Cleaner in Alameda ()

I can highly recommend Professional Eco Cleaners. As the name says they use eco-friendly products. It's a women-owned small business out of Oakland. We've used them for years in Berkeley and have been very happy with their service. I'm sure they'll have teams in Alameda as well. [at]

(510) 479-3368

Tell them Wolf recommended you.