Homeschool high school for just a year?

I imagine I'm not the only parent in this boat.  My middle child, 10th grader, HATES distance learning.  She's a normal-advanced learner, taking one AP class this year, will likely be applying to the mid-range UCs, some out of state schools, fairly typical.  She'd really like to be homeschooled this year so she doesn't have to get up for 8:30 classes, and (likely correctly) figures she can get through curriculum a lot faster on her own.  There are plenty of resources for kids who want to do this, then go on to dual-enroll in CC and graduate, but in her case, she'd just like to do this until in-person learning resumes.  She plays sports, is active and involved, and really wants to go back to 'normal' high school when this is all over.  I've looked at the CA homeschool website and can't find what I'm looking for.  We applied to a charter online homeschool but they are impacted so there are no spots.

I'm very concerned that if we try this on our own we could inadvertently screw up epically - I don't know how she'd get grades or credit, would her high school accept this sort of thing if we used a good online curriculum (I've seen BYU, assume there must be many more).  Has anyone done this and successfully gotten their kids seamlessly back into mainstream high school?  I'll reach out to her counselor, but I figure they have got to be overwhelmed right now so I'm trying to do as much research as possible before I do that.  

Thanks for any links to any resources!

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If you are in BUSD, check out Independent Studies.

OP here - should have mentioned, we are not in BUSD, we are in public school on the peninsula.  

I feel for you and everyone else in your situation.  I'm an educator and a parent.  The schools, administration teachers are all on overload.  While I understand what you are trying to do you are just adding to the work of an over burdened education system.  Rather than teach online a fair number of teachers went for early retirement which is just adding to the chaos.  And don't think you are the only parent trying to do something out of the norm.

If I were you what I would do is dual enrollment with any of the community colleges in California.  But you have to do it fast, the semester has already begun and you won't be able to add class soon.  Reason I would suggest this route is a lot of the CC classes are time shifted and recorded.  But even more important is the grades and credits if college bound.  If you home school or alternative school you will have the hassle of finding approved course work and submitting the paperwork.  You won't have any of this if you go the CC route AND she will have completed college level classes which can be credited towards her college degree.  No need to burden our educators with a unique custom program when you have a simple solution that's available for you right now. 

You don’t say if your daughter is at Berkeley high. If so, look into independent study- separate but related school (down the street). My daughter did this for 1 semester sophomore year when she was having horrible migraines. Work independently & meet with teacher for 1-2 hours week. Then she went back to BHS when migraines better resolved. I think any child can do it. If not at BHS, see if your school district has that option

If you intend to finish high school as a homeschooler, this is a great option.  If your child intends to return to the regular classroom when Covid allows, you may find that your home high school will not grant any units for work done independently.  Here is a great secular resource