High School/Tutoring/Homeschool Options in East Bay

 Hello, we are BHS veterans looking for an individualized learning environment for our son to complete high school. He is 19 years old which a cut off age for some schools.  He also has learning differences and is hearing impaired.  He is functioning at about a 9th grade level. The pandemic has impacted placement in private school as there seems to be shortage of teachers to serve students. Fusion and Tilden Academy that do 1:1 tutoring are not able to accept him.  Any other options in the East Bay? Is there a space where students whoa re not at grade level can work 1:1 or in small groups and do high school courses?  I've now bought the Keystone Private school curriculum and having him tutored at home.  It's a bit lonely.  If there are any homeschooling parents, I'd love to learn more about meet ups  and other opportunities especially around themes like science in the East Bay.   Thank you!

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Did you know you can unenroll him from any school he may be in right now, create a small private school and file the private school affidavit, and graduate him from your school? As the administrator of your school, you decide what constitutes enough learning to graduate. This doesn’t mean his learning ends and doesn’t mean you don’t still prepare him for life and work, but he would have a diploma and be done with the formal part of his education this way. See HSC.org/quickguide for the info to unenroll and link to the private school affidavit. At his age and with the challenges you have ahead to prepare him for life, it might be a good path to go so you can be done, and work on life skills instead. Feel free to contact me for more info, I’m a veteran homeschooler and former board member for the Homeschool Assoc of California. As for gatherings, at this age there isn’t much as most homeschooled kids have moved on to jobs or college. I suggest finding like minded adults who are into things he’s into. Check meetups and google groups for clubs that may interest him.