Head-Royce Lower School - School Environment Question

Thanks for reading and hope this note finds you healthy and well with your families. It's a strange time to post non-pandemic questions, but the private school decision notifications were recently posted, and commitments are due in a week. If you have a child at Head-Royce lower school and have a moment to respond, we'd appreciate your feedback.

We did our research and believe Head-Royce would be a great fit. The Head-Royce parents whom we know are middle and high-school parents, and we're interested in hearing more from lower school parents. 

How has your experience been with the lower school? Do you sense it's a joyous learning environment? Does your child feel happy and supported at school? Is there a sense of community around the lower school where kids and maybe families get together outside of school? We realize the school has a broader representation geographically and demographically and that is a huge strength. But we're also wondering about the logistical challenges this diversity might pose in bringing the community together, and would love if you can speak to how it practically works. Thanks so much - we appreciate the feedback as we embark on making a decision that will impact our child and family for years to come.

Parent Replies

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Thank you for posting this question. We are trying to make a decision now about Head Royce and very curious to know the same thing your inquiring about. I hope you get a reply to your question. Also dont hesitate to ask HR for families you can contact to speak to. We put in that request and waiting to receive some contacts. Best of luck.