Has anyone ever done an OUSD grade appeal?

I am the parent of a 9th grader in OUSD.  The algebra teacher at my kid's school quit abruptly about a month into the school year and the school was unable to get a replacement or a long term sub for the entire first semester.  Instead, the kids were told to take math courses online, sometimes without any adult supervision.  We just learned that 22 of 24 kids in our kid's class got "Fs," including kids who otherwise had As and Bs in all of their other classes.  Unfortunately, the school is digging in and saying that it's the kids' fault for not taking the online classes seriously enough, rather than taking any ownership (or seemingly showing any concern about a 92% failure rate!). 

I know that Education Code 49066 allows a grade to be appealed to the school board and superintendent, and a number of parents plan to make such an appeal.  I'm wondering, has anyone ever actually done this?  Was there any specific process around it (e.g., specific forms to use)?  Would welcome any insight into the experience.  Thanks!

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