Flute tutor in El Cerrito - ideally to come to our house

I'm looking for a flute tutor for my sixth grader who is learning to play the flute. We would love if someone could come to our house. This could be an upper grade high school student or college student even. Does anyone have recommendations, or do you have an older child who would be interested in giving these lessons?

I also would love to hear what the going rate is for music tutors for beginners, to know what to expect and/or how much to offer as far as rates and pricing. So I would appreciate any input on this too.

Finally, would love any suggestions for resources to help a kiddo learn the flute – apps, books, videos. Anything you or your kiddo has found helpful for learning the flute or learning to read sheet music comfortably

Thanks so much, families! I really appreciate it!! 

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As a parent of a high school band student, I just want to make sure you know that music instruction at the instrument level is not really taught in schools in our experience - band class transitions into a broader music class. I'm not a musician myself so I'm struggling to articulate this, but our student has essentially not been taught how to play their instrument in school since 5th grade. We as parents didn't realize that for too long, so I am glad you are figuring it out now, but my point is that if you get a high school student as the music instructor, you should make sure they are teaching correct instrumentation since they themselves may or may not have received that instruction. Being a good high school flautist doesn't mean they know how to teach flute. None of this is meant as a criticism of band classes in high school - they're great, and very valuable to develop character and overall musicianship!

I think the rate for an adult music teacher ranges from $50-100 per lesson. We also like Dr Selfridge on YouTube for tutorials (flute and woodwinds).