Fire- & insect-resistant siding

I am wondering if anyone in the East Bay hills can share their experiences with updating deteriorating, uninsulated wood siding with a fire- and insect-resistant siding, such as modern cement siding or shingles, and modern insulation. I love the look and (rainy season) ventilation of wood siding, but we need something with fewer fire and insect concerns. Thank you.

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You would stucco.  Look at the Hills fire and the houses that survived for the most part were all stucco.  Cement siding isn't as good.  I know at least one of the companies which made such a product went bankrupt from all of the lawsuits.  Redwood siding composite siding last 10 to 20 years and then start falling apart and rotting.  A shingle house will be one of the first to go in a fire.  It's all fuel for the fire.  Not sure if you can use shingles anymore due to fire issues.  Stucco is the best when it comes to fire and insect resistance. 

Good thing you didn't ask about earthquakes and the clay soil we have.  If you had stucco is probably one of the worst.  But cement siding would be worse as it will just crumble. 

There is no one perfect building material is there.